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The Patrick Bamford FUT Ballers SBC has gone live in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, and it is an exciting player-item challenge. The SBCs released recently have included some fantastic bargains, and this could be on top of that list. What’s interesting is the SBC reward and the potential upgrade that can be unlocked.

The FUT Fantasy promo has been a unique addition considering how the cards are available. Every special card under the promo has two parts, which include players unlocking one edition from the SBC. It’s always beneficial that players get to unlock the cards directly from the SBCs. These cards can then be used to get upgraded versions of the same footballer for little to no extra cost.

Let’s look at the tasks of the Patrick Bamford FUT Ballers SBC. This will enable FIFA 23 players to get an idea about the potential costs of completion required for the fodder. It will also help players decide if the SBC is worth their investment in the first place.

The Patrick Bamford FUT Ballers SBC is one of the best bargains ever released in FIFA 23

EA Sports has kept things simple with the Patrick Bamford FUT Ballers SBC. There’s only one task, and its associated conditions are incredibly straightforward. This ensures that the potential completion cost stays low, making it highly accessible for the players.


Task – Patrick Bamford FUT Ballers SBC

  • # of players from England: Min 1
  • IF Players: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 82
  • # of players in the Squad: 11

The Patrick Bamford FUT Ballers SBC will require about 25,000 FUT coins to complete in FIFA 23 if players get all the fodder from the market. However, they can reduce the final cost by using fodder from their collection. This will enable them to increase the valuation of the rewards and save the coins for other purposes.

Since Bamford’s SBC is live until March 30, the players have plenty of time to grind the necessary fodder. Existing challenges like the 82+ x20 Upgrade SBC are one way of obtaining the required items. Players can also use the packs they receive as weekly rewards from game modes like Squad Battles and Division Rivals.


After completing the SBC, FIFA 23 players will receive an 85-rated card, which is quite ordinary. However, this card can then complete a set of objectives, unlocking an 88-rated card. Considering the potential rewards and costs, the SBC has unique value and could be helpful for any player. The 88-rated card has some fascinating stats that could be put to good use by some.

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