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Serge Mombo, a main football official in Gabon, has been blamed for physically manhandling youthful players and requesting sex as a state of them getting places in public groups.

Mombo was reappointed as leader of La Ligue de l’Estuaire, Gabon’s senior football association, in June 2021. He is likewise set to fill in as the pack man for Gabon’s senior men’s group at the African Cup of Nations in Cameroon, which starts on Sunday. Mombo, a previous police officer, denied the maltreatment claims, made by supposed casualties and observers to the Guardian.

He additionally denied claims he gave a Gabonese football trainer, Patrick Assoumou Eyi, known as “Capello”, with young men to physically manhandle. Eyi, as Mombo a senior figure in the Gabonese football organization Fegafoot, is dealing with indictments of assaulting minors and rape after claims by supposed casualties were accounted for by the Guardian. Two different mentors in Gabon are additionally dealing with indictments.

Mombo said his informers were “misleading attempt to filthy my picture.”

Patrick Assoumou Eyi – known as ‘Capello’ – the previous mentor of Gabon’s under-17 young men group.
Patrick Assoumou Eyi, driving football trainer in Gabon, blamed for assaulting young men
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One asserted casualty said he was manhandled by Mombo and Capello in 2014 at the Heliconia lodging in Libreville, the capital of Gabon, during an instructional course. “He was there, picking some young men. We didn’t actually comprehend the reason why he was so strong. A few players needed to call him mentor yet he was a unit man. It was exceptionally abnormal. He did his filthy game with Capello.”

The supposed casualty said Mombo would give the initial three bits of watermelon to three young men they would then welcome to a space to be mishandled. “That very evening, Mombo came to my room and advised me to go to Capello’s room. He didn’t say more and didn’t give me the decision. It was just about 10 PM. Capello sat tight for me without a T-shirt. He let me know that I was capable yet to help the tension, I would require ‘la présence d’esprit’ [presence of mind].”

He added: “Capello and Mombo cooperated on this. Mombo accompanied us on the away outings, in a similar plane. He came to see us, told he could help us. I recall after a game at home that he told me: ‘to play, you’ll have to give me what I need. I can make your vocation, even with the senior public group.’

“I came from a helpless family, I was mulling over everything. I’m dishonorable however it was my best way to help my family, you know, so I acknowledged his first proposition. I was chosen the following time yet I felt so awful. Actually, inwardly, they demolished me. At the point when I wouldn’t go further I wasn’t chosen anything else with the public group.”

One more previous player who guaranteed he was manhandled by both Eyi and Mombo when he addressed Gabon’s Under-17s in 2017 said the authority endeavored to recommendation him with guarantees of a spot in the beginning arrangement.

“In the public group, Serge Mombo was a hunter,” he said. “He offered us sexual suggestions in return for a spot in the group later on. They picked us, they gave us a few benefits: cash, gifts and furthermore the honor to play for our country.

“At the point when you begin to like it, to dream, they requested sex. Fundamentally, he told me: ‘to remain with us, you’ll have to give me something.’ I asked what and he replied: ‘Your arse.’ He even offered me cash assuming I needed … I am a survivor of both.”

Both of these supposed casualties have said Mombo was likewise functioning as a unit individual for all of Gabon’s public youth groups. This is denied by Mombo.

Mombo prevented the cases from getting sexual maltreatment and said that he had “never worked with this Capello in a public group. I met him as a DTP [provincial specialized director] when I was chosen for the association”. “Never and never,” he added. ” obviously they are deceiving attempt to messy my picture.”

The previous Gabon worldwide Brice Makaya filled in as collaborator to Eyi with the Under-17s in 2014 and let the Guardian know that Mombo routinely went with the crew and the Fegafoot president, Pierre-Alain Mounguengui, to competitions.

“Mombo was the almighty pack man of the Gabonese football organization’s unit men. He dealt with the packs for chiefs of all age-gatherings of the public choices. In the under-17s when we had trips he was going with Mounguengui and going about as the law, and now and then he was the chief.”

Makaya has asserted that out traveling to Ethiopia, he educated Mounguengui regarding his doubts that Eyi had been manhandling players yet was told “you don’t have verification”. “At the point when he advised me to quiet down and there’s nothing he’ll do, I comprehended that it’s a framework,” he said.

Mounguengui didn’t react to demands from remark from the Guardian.

One more affirmed observer has asserted they heard Mombo requesting that a little fellow play out a sex follow up on him to be chosen for the public group. “Mombo was on the telephone and I was 10 meters away,” he said.

The supposed observer has likewise asserted that Mombo seized the identifications of players from Gabon’s Under-20 ladies’ group after they revealed allegations of assault, misuse and inappropriate behavior. “He undermined them to discuss sexual maltreatment,’ he added.

Mombo didn’t react straightforwardly to whether or not he had seized players’ visas. In any case, he added: “I guarantee you that assuming I have data on the different hunters that have killed the lives and professions of some, I will impart it to you; together we should save our football. Particularly youngsters. I’m additionally doing examinations at my level. Assuming that I have news, I will impart it to you some time.”

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